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Do you need a place to organize all of your lessons, assignments, quizzes, and grades?

There’s an app for that! I recently discovered the world of Schoology. This website/application allows educators to work together to manage lessons, engage students, share content, and easily connect with other educator’s all around the world, to distribute or review material. With Schoology educators can keep track of their schedules, and have all of their material in the same place. This also offers more than the basics; as it enables its users to conduct online courses, provide one-on-one remediation, or host complex class discussions.

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Schoology also brings everyone together; its parent feature connects students, parents, and educators. This provides parents with the class material, and offers them a safe, secure online environment to contact their son/daughters teacher. This is a great innovative learning tool that will allow students to interact with each other through social networking, while also sharing important academic content.

Schoology is widely known for its extreme similarities to facebook, it is often referred to as, “the educational facebook”.  The website set up, as well as the application, mirror the layout of facebook, which allows students to navigate the website autonomously. As students cruise through their homework and activities with ease, educators will be able to choose from a variety of content types, and embed useful text and media.


Schoology allows teachers and students to interact with one another in a variety of ways. For example, it allows teachers to post documents about the class, such as the class syllabus, and any notes that they think their students may need.  Once the teacher posts something new, a “notification” comes up on the right side of the screen showing the student that there is a new document that was uploaded.  Along with this, Schoology allows students to interact with each other, but also offers them the privacy of sharing assignments with only their teacher. It is simple to make homework private between only the teacher and student. This allows students to post and answer discussions, and also contribute to their classmate’s submissions.


Schoology also allows the students to send direct messages, and keeps track of friend’s profiles. Students can also enroll with their entire class to keep everything organized. Along with this, it also allows classmates to become friends with one another so they can always stay connected. Students can also customize their page with a picture to make a more authentic learning environment.

Since this website/application has so many commonalities with facebook, students understand how to use every aspect of the site quickly and efficiently.  Instead of having to spend several classes on having to explain the specific functions to the Schoologyclass, a teacher may only have to take a few minutes because the students will be able to understand it without delay. This website takes blackboard, or any other online forum used by schools to the next step, it enables students to stay connected 24/7 in a personal atmosphere.

Educators will find it so easy to create, organize, and find content. There is a widget that enables each user to connect their Google Docs, there is also a place to search, browse, and integrate public content. It is simple to create and manage tests and quizzes; there is a place to score quizzes/tests and enter grades automatically. Another portion is available to provide students with direct feedback. One more awesome feature is the educator’s option to see what students are spending the most time on, and the steps they are taking while completing assignments.

This is a fully functioning classroom management tool, but at the same time provides Schoology_logo_blacka great social networking platform for teachers and students. It is easy to use and all instructional components are free for teachers and students! A mobile app is offered for Andriod or iOs. This will serve as an outstanding collection of resources for every class that participates.

Do you think this tool will be beneficial in your classroom?


To download Schoology or find out more information:

  1. Paula_Rubino says:

    Kim, I think this is an awesome app. After reading this, it seems like it is such a helpful tool when trying to organize your life in a productive way. Being able to communicate with parents and teachers is also helpful for students and helping parents stay on top of their child’s work. I believe being organized is very beneficial for students when it comes down to making sure you follow deadlines and knowing exactly when assignments are due. I think teachers should definitely recommend this to their classes!

  2. jenpetrosino says:

    After reading this, I’ve got to check this app/site out. It seems like such a valuable resource for both students and teachers. I like how the site is set up similarly to Facebook, making it easier for all users. Some apps/websites that schools create are anything but accessible, but i could see how this website/app could give students no excuse as they will certainly be able to easily find information! After becoming really familiar with Google docs, too, I’m happy they have incorporated that into the app/site, as well! I also enjoy that notifications are involved, making it again very easy for students to see a new message and leaving very little guesswork.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. This. Is. Awesome! I think this is an excellent resource for both teachers and students. You covered all the bases and I find the photos you included helpful in getting the big picture about what it is all about. Thank you for the links too! This can maximize the flexibility with classroom management and make it so much easier to track information, assignments, and other important material. I can see the potential this has in the classroom. Thank you for sharing Schoology!

  4. coryjgomez says:

    What a wonderful application you have discovered! It just makes so much sense. An educational community, designed like Facebook, that is accessible for students, teachers, and even parents. It bridges the gaps in almost every single way. I really like the fact that it has a widget that connects it to Google Docs. As Doctor Sarver would say, this is an example of the peas in the macaroni! I feel like everything would be so organized and obtainable not only for the teacher to monitor progress, but for students as well as they establish an online learning community with their peers.

  5. Aaron Finnessey says:

    This seems like an outright amazing tool. The concept itself is absolutely brilliant. Take a website that nearly half of everyone on the internet has had an interaction with and adapt it for academic purposes. Zero learning curve. To supplement the extreme accessibility, this website/app allows for collaboration and provides teacher resources. Although, I have not personally seen this applied in classrooms just yet, I can see huge potential surrounding Schoology. Thank you for informing!

  6. Kim this app seems awesome, and way more useful than those already in use such as…blackboard. I am definitely going to have to check this out asap! I love that there’s a place for parents to communicate with the teachers. My mom works nights and sleeps during the day, so whenever teachers or the office would call the school (which was every single time I was late or absent regardless of notes…) the call would either wake my mom or go unanswered. This seems way more professional than emailing and more efficient than calling.
    It is also so smart of the app creators to make it similar to facebook, a tool we all already know how to use. Awesome post, Kim.

  7. ellagonzalez says:

    And the best discovery goes to. . .
    This app seems great, Kim. Embracing the culture of adolescents through this can only pull a class together. It is such a useful way to stay in contact with parents and students as a whole. Too often lack of communication is one of the biggest downfalls. I look forward to seeing how this is actually used within a classroom.

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