Untangling the Web

Posted: February 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

Having trouble organizing technology? The large number of websites, applications, and overall media buzz that is knocking on classroom doors can be quite overwhelming. Educators all over the world are working to successfully apply technology to their lessons, and incorporate all of this into the curriculum. It seems that many teachers are scrambling through the clutter in order to discover what websites, or unique interactive applications will be most beneficial in their student’s lives, whether it be in the classroom or at home. At times, teachers Imagestruggle with this because the majority of suggested websites that are aimed at students are either non educational or have too many distractions such as pop-ups or advertisements. However, one website that a teacher can use to explore over seventy pages of useful information for every member of their class is GO2WEB20. This website provides distinctive ways for teachers to collaborate, and then share their ideas with their colleagues as they post web links or applications that their students will take pleasure in. Not only can teachers use this website to be of assistance to their students, but they can also use it to help themselves stay organized while they interact with the messy worldwide web. Image


GO2WEB20 includes over three thousand services, and more are uploaded everyday. Site administrators also monitor all entries to ensure they are working properly; those that are no longer working are disabled so site viewers have a useful and enjoyable experience. The site was recently redesigned to guarantee smooth navigation. This includes, a search engine that searches all content on the site, and each service offers its own app where valuable information is easy to sift through. Having an index with each application will assist teachers as they integrate technology into their classroom, and keep them up to date on the services they are interested in. Along with this, GO2WEB20 also has a valuable blog with a plethora of helpful information. People post reviews of applications here, or helpful tips on how to incorporate some beneficial games into the classroom.Image

One app available on GO2WEB 20 that I found particularly motivating is called, StoryJumper. StoryJumper allows students to create and publish their own stories. They can generate stories from scratch and improve their skills. In order to get started they will have the opportunity to brainstorm their ideas, and conduct research, two beneficial skills. After they have their story idea they have the option to upload their own pictures or use pictures that are already on the web. This app is important and a high-quality way to get adolescents innovated, and uses their own voice to assist learning and express their ideas. When each student finishes their story, they can save, and share it with anyone they want, such as their parents and teachers. Also they are able to publish the story by ordering a hard copy of their book. This option will be rewarding for students, seeing their stories, and having something concrete to hold onto will hopefully motivate students to produce more writing, and take pleasure in reading.  Image

This is a fantastic way for educators all around the world to put their heads together when it comes to technology; they can build off each other and share their successes/failures. Also, they can make learning fun again with the abundance of games, applications, and creative tools that are available to their students. 

  1. It’s so great that there are websites like this out there. There are so many sites out there that people use; having a site like this that organizes everything really helps. The StoryJumper app seems really neat. Students are always encouraged to be creative and use their imagination when doing projects. The app is a great interactive way to get them to think with an open mind and do what they set their mind to. This app as well as GO2WEB20 can be great assets to the classroom!

  2. Ryan Dalpiaz says:

    Kim, very impressive research on the topic and your visuals were incredibly effective in helping to support your research. What a helpful tool that you just gave your viewers! I decided to go ahead and check it out myself because you said there were over 70 available sites. After clicking on two or three, I stumbled upon “Pow Toon” which is a site that can help add the “wow” factor to your presentation. I can picture myself using this tool in my classroom so students can become masters of presentation.
    Great blog and awesome research. Thank you.

  3. Paula_Rubino says:

    Hey Kim, I think this is a cool website to know about. Being organized is one of the most important things to be as a teacher. It makes your life so much easier and much less chaotic throughout the day. I think it is very convenient to have a place to store information with easy access at the same time. Also, being that it I useful to help come up with lessons and being able to interact with the students make it that much better and well worth it in the end. Before we can help our students we must help ourselves and take then necessary steps to be as effective as possible. These sites can definitely be the starting place for both the teacher and the class as a whole.

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