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ImagePinterest is a new-fangled, rather popular website. For a select group it may be used to simply keep up with the latest fashions, or find the perfect dessert recipe, but believe it or not Pinterest has educational value as well. Teachers struggle to brighten up their bare walls as they wrap up their summer and snuggle up in their classroom. Finding the perfect décor is challenging, especially when the goal is to intrigue, and welcome a large number of children or adolescents. Although I am a novel Pinterest user I have discovered the educational gold mines that are hidden beneath the fashion advice and weekly dinner specials. Pinterest is not only a great place to follow the most recent fads; teachers can Imagealso utilize it to improve the educational experience. Pinterest is capable of playing a major role in the classroom, and can be of huge assistance to educators and students. This is a valuable reserve where teachers all over the world can share reading lists, lesson plans, and other helpful sources. Pinterest is bringing educators together, and revolutionizing learning.Image

Pinterest is a tool that can be used in many different ways. Various categories exist on this website that are called boards, some groups include: food, art, celebrities, and quotes. When looking through, you can “pin” items that intrigue you and attach them to your own personal board. These individual boards are easily accessible, making things effortless to keep track of.

For example, since there are so many different teaching ideas and helpful hints I decided to make a board called “teacher references.” This allows me to pin anything related to the topic of teaching to my board, and follow things I deem enjoyable, and hope to use someday in my future classroom.Image

Pinterest has an entire category devoted to education that can be examined here. This feature narrows down one’s search and directs each user to a helpful list of resources. Some examples of the pins featured in this section include: educational conference notifications, book reviews, math fun, pictures of projects produced by students, teaching ideas, lesson plans, and more. After perusing the education category it is more than likely that a plethora of information will be worthy of holding onto. To keep all of this valuable information at your fingertips, users can create their own Pinterest account to “repin” articles or useful resources onto their board. There is also a public board, which permits each user to engage with others who share their interests. If there is something one wishes to model for students or colleagues they simply pin it to the public board, and everyone will have the opportunity to take advantage of the source. Educators and students will build a great forum to communicate, and can collaborate on group projects, or share useful information.Image

Pinterest is helpful as teachers plan activities, and formulate lessons for students. It also grants them with decorating ideas for their classroom. This tool can help teachers make the learning environment for students original and exciting. Along with this, it is extremely helpful that one can follow their friends or colleagues. By having all teachers in a particular school get Pinterest and follow one another they can easily share their ideas over this social media website.  Along with being able to pin things, Pinterest allows users to upload their own pictures. For example, if a teacher created a great bulletin board, they can upload it to Pinterest for other people to use and see. Pinterest is a great way for educators to help each other out, they will work together to reinvent learning, and keep students interested by assigning pleasurable projects, and exciting lessons.

  1. Thanks for sharing this! Pintrest is a great educational tool and way to share ideas and receive helpful tips for teaching in the classroom. I really liked how thorough you were with Pintrest and how you broke it down to make it easy to understand. It’s also great for collaboration and this is something I’d like to use as a teacher for myself and inside the classroom. It really looks like a great way to stay organized and get fresh ideas so that teaching never gets stale. Thanks!

  2. Wow! It’s amazing to think that a website that so many people use for personal interest could has such advantages when used in a classroom. I do believe that a student would learn better if the information is presented in a fun and creative way which is exactly what Pinterest would allow! The fact that the website would allow teachers to create creative lesson plans is something that all educators should look into. It also is a great way for teachers to get ideas from other teachers on information that they are teaching to their students. Great information! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Paula_Rubino says:

    Hey Kim, I think it is cool how pinterest can be helpful for teachers. As lame as it sounds, I am one of the few people out there who do not have a pinterest. After reading this it has made me more interested because it seems like a good place to find new ideas that can be of good use in the future. It also seems like a good way to organize ideas and be able to view them at your leisure. This can very help help boost interest for students by learning about different activities and also collaborate with other colleagues.

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