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Safari-810x385I have spent the last four months transforming from a pre-service teacher, scared of becoming occupied with blogging and micro blogging into an enthused aspiring teaching of ELA prepared to integrate technology into my future curriculum. I activated my WordPress blog unsure of where it would take me, or how the entire process would profit me. Today, I can share with all of you the allowances it has presented me with thus far. In the academic context, blogging has encouraged me to share my writing and receive feedback from my classmate’s, as well as other devoted bloggers. It has been a positive experience that facilitates my overall learning, and keeps me up to date with the world of education, even when I step outside the imagesclassroom. Reading the blogs of my classmate’s also interested me in some very helpful Web 2.0 tools and was valuable in my own understanding of course material. Blogging has also motivated me to take part in some extensive research since writing a blog requires one to visit a variety of sources to find the best content to pass on to respected readers. During this process I am constantly introduced to new material related to my selected topic, which helps me learn more than I supply you with in my final post. I have always been an active learner but blogging has provoked me to vigorously search for the finest information and present it to my readers. Maintaining my own blog has permitted me to take pleasure in my research and learning, and appreciate knowledge, especially related to technology and the endless benefits it can provide for students.

As technology becomes prevalent in today’s schools, students should recognize the impact of their voice and the ability they have to make a difference. My blog has turned into my online journal, which allows me to organize my thoughts and add images and videos that coincide with my topic. Blogging has also permitted me to comment on other blogs and mb-wordlereceive feedback on my own posts; dialoging on a topic encourages me to learn more about it and constantly voice my opinion. In a broader sense, blogs are all about communicating. When writing a blog, I observe an experience, reflect on it, and write about it, all at once. Blogging has allowed me to discover the world and joy of communicating my ideas and receiving feedback on every one of them! There is a sense of excitement that takes over my body as I communicate with a global audience, communicating with the World Wide Web is thrilling and the feedback is extremely diverse.

I also plan to continue posting to my blog as I enter the field of education. I hope I can communicate with educators regarding their experiences teaching, their philosophies, and their methodologies. My students will be highly encouraged to produce a blog of their own twitter-300x225because I strongly believe that educational blogging comes along with astounding benefits for every student. Students have the opportunity to find their voice and develop their interests, and expand upon their writing with feedback and continued support. Of course blogging will improve each students writing skills but it will do so much more than that, since it engages students in an ongoing conversation about their inner thoughts and passions. Students finally have the opportunity to share meaningful writing, and their audience will empower them to become life-long learners, as they become apart of a community where writing truly matters.

Besides the space students have to reflect openly on what they have learned to make meaningful connections, blogging allows students to make an emotional connection to what they have cultured. It also creates the opportunity for students to share their voice while becoming fluent in 21st century literacies. Students can use sites like SoundCloud or share presentations with their readers in order to express their passions. Another added benefit is the positive digital footprint it tags along to each student’s name, students will be able to Google their name and see something positive, something worth taking a look at. This is a great way for educators to promote the importance of having a positive digital footprint.

Microblogging networks offer students the chance to do all of this and more. Twitter is the most popular microblogging application, with over one million users. Mircroblogging is a Web 2.0 technology, and a new form of blogging that lets users publish brief updates, images, and videos. Students can share resources, improve their social skills, and pose 1questions. Twitter is an informal learning tool that allows students to discover and write about various topics, collaborate with others, and publish and reflect on their own ideas or feelings. Twitter has brought me into a new world, where I am connected with an abundance of valuable people and resources. It is a place where I discover and develop new and exciting ways of improving my communication skills and motivates others to join in on exciting conversations. Participating in a tweet chat inspired me to share my principles with my followers and promote social networking in the classroom.

I never expected to discover so much from starting my own blog or connecting with other educators on twitter. This is just the start for me and I am anxious to continue on this path of constant innovation.


So Notable!

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How many times have you been watching a YouTube video and had to pause it? I am morepause-button-orange than confident that most of you are saying, TOO MANY TIMES!

I am constantly slamming down my space bar to impede my YouTube video just so I can pull up my word document and record my notes.

Well, pause no more!

I have found a neat new tool for taking notes while watching videos. allows you to load any YouTube video on the left side of your screen and on the right side of the screen supplies you with the perfect notepad to type on. Just when things couldn’t get any easier, integrates with your current Google Drive 4account, so your notes are saved automatically as you go! Another plus of joining forces with Google Drive is how simple it becomes to share your notes and collaborate with others, just as you would with any other Google Document. is amazing for any YouTube user, but this application is especially beneficial for students. It is an amazing tool that permits students to take detailed notes, ask questions, and inquire while viewing instructional videos. Once students compile their notes they can simply share them with their classmates to develop their ideas even further.

Now teachers and students will no longer struggle to catch every detail of a YouTube video, since they no longer have to pause and resume their video while attempting to take notes. This application also encourages users to take notes that will appear in the corresponding portion of the video to help pinpoint where changes need to occur—and keep those notes with the video rather than on a separate word document, or piece of paper. Students will find this helpful as they create their own videos and the feedback process will become less 5strenuous. On the instructional side of this, teachers will now be able to include side notes in their instructional screen casts, so students will fully grasp the instructions that go along with a project. This will also keep teachers organized if they plan on sharing a video with a colleague or presenting at a conference, this tool will help the presenter identify and review points of discussion within a particular video.

1Astonishingly, is a free tool and will be a huge asset within the dialogic form of teaching. Students will be able to analyze a movie, commercials, and music videos. The notes for each video are automatically synchronized with the exact moment in each film that these notes refer to, since most notes address a specific section of a video. By clicking on a note, one can jump directly to that point in the video, and will get a brief overview of the notes that coincide with the video. is a great tool for both students and teachers and is extremely straightforward to download and use. The first time you log in, a short tutorial will guide you through the steps, and present you with the basic features of the tool. is available as an application for the Chrome browser as well!

6Click here to download so you will enjoy a variety of videos with no commercial breaks or interruptions!

To get to know more about I recommend watching this informative tutorial!