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Posted: May 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

How many times have you been watching a YouTube video and had to pause it? I am morepause-button-orange than confident that most of you are saying, TOO MANY TIMES!

I am constantly slamming down my space bar to impede my YouTube video just so I can pull up my word document and record my notes.

Well, pause no more!

I have found a neat new tool for taking notes while watching videos. allows you to load any YouTube video on the left side of your screen and on the right side of the screen supplies you with the perfect notepad to type on. Just when things couldn’t get any easier, integrates with your current Google Drive 4account, so your notes are saved automatically as you go! Another plus of joining forces with Google Drive is how simple it becomes to share your notes and collaborate with others, just as you would with any other Google Document. is amazing for any YouTube user, but this application is especially beneficial for students. It is an amazing tool that permits students to take detailed notes, ask questions, and inquire while viewing instructional videos. Once students compile their notes they can simply share them with their classmates to develop their ideas even further.

Now teachers and students will no longer struggle to catch every detail of a YouTube video, since they no longer have to pause and resume their video while attempting to take notes. This application also encourages users to take notes that will appear in the corresponding portion of the video to help pinpoint where changes need to occur—and keep those notes with the video rather than on a separate word document, or piece of paper. Students will find this helpful as they create their own videos and the feedback process will become less 5strenuous. On the instructional side of this, teachers will now be able to include side notes in their instructional screen casts, so students will fully grasp the instructions that go along with a project. This will also keep teachers organized if they plan on sharing a video with a colleague or presenting at a conference, this tool will help the presenter identify and review points of discussion within a particular video.

1Astonishingly, is a free tool and will be a huge asset within the dialogic form of teaching. Students will be able to analyze a movie, commercials, and music videos. The notes for each video are automatically synchronized with the exact moment in each film that these notes refer to, since most notes address a specific section of a video. By clicking on a note, one can jump directly to that point in the video, and will get a brief overview of the notes that coincide with the video. is a great tool for both students and teachers and is extremely straightforward to download and use. The first time you log in, a short tutorial will guide you through the steps, and present you with the basic features of the tool. is available as an application for the Chrome browser as well!

6Click here to download so you will enjoy a variety of videos with no commercial breaks or interruptions!

To get to know more about I recommend watching this informative tutorial!


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