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Breaking News in Cyberspace: Early on last week, Google announced that it is indeed shutting down its popular—well not popular enough—RSS (Really Simple Syndication) reader, Google Reader. It appears that Google is taking a step away google-reader-closed-featured-570x270from RSS; they have also terminated the RSS extension for Chrome, claiming that a wretched ‘bug’ has nested in their admired Chrome browser, and shows no signs of relocating. They have labeled this error as a “No Fix” and plan to shut down this unprofitable service altogether on July 1st, 2013.

Is something peculiar going on here? Once further explored it seems like Google wants to not only strip away users access to Google Reader, which displays RSS feeds from websites in a simple list format, but they also want to massacre any rss-mansupport for RSS entirely. RSS also presents an easy way to keep track of news and permits users to receive alerts from their favorite sites, without having to visit dozens of different web pages every day. RSS may not be extremely popular for all computer users, but for some junkies it is a central part of the web, necessary for keeping them connected.

Google RSS extension for Chrome made it simple to discover and subscribe to RSS feeds, given that it linked up with any webpage. It was a trouble-free, one-click process, since the icon appeared in the URL bar of every page that offered a feed. Once clicked on, this icon gave users a plethora of ways to subscribe to the feed, the main one being Google rssReader. RSS delivered headlines straight from the source, and synced news feeds between multiple different apps. Overall it made life online simpler. So now that Google Reader is gone, where do we turn?

Luckily there are a few alternatives out there for those who rely heavily on Google Reader. Two of these options include Digg and Feedly. Digg is a new social site that plans to build off Google Reader and make things even simpler. Their main goal is to digg-google-readermake text “sexy” again, rather than having a text-heavy feed. The updated RSS system will have a feed, along with folders to keep things organized. Digg is willing to step up and alter their current RSS model, but for now when considering a new RSS client you must steer away from Google Reader. Feedly is more comparable to a magazine, it is the current frontrunner, already adding over 500,000 new users over the past two days. Feedlytimthumb.php can be a plug-in for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, but not for Internet Explorer. One setback is the scrolling option, especially when accessed on a mobile phone, or tablet. This app requires users to swipe in a number of ways—up, down, left, right, but does not allow for quick scrolling. It also only shows a select number of feeds on the front page, until you open the side bar, where the rest will be stored.

Feedly will sync with Google Reader and presents users with a similar experience. google_readerThe most difficult thing will be transferring your previous Google Reader feeds. This link will be tremendously helpful if you are having any difficulty with this process.

Apologies to those who get the majority of their updates and news via Google Reader, but newsflash: RSS IS NOT DEAD, and hopefully the two options discussed above (Digg & Feedly) will serve you well.