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After thoroughly engaging with The NMC Horizon Report: 2012 K-12 Edition, I was introduced to the double-edged sword of technology in the classroom. While the benefits of tablet computing and game based learning are evident, teachers are reluctant to give in. After hearing about schools that have began to relax their policies, and allow their students to be creative together through technology, a conversation is created.

Within this conversation many questions remain unanswered:tech

  1. Will using mobile phones, tablets, and participating in gaming truly allow students to collaborate and self-discover?
  2. Are the challenges educators face, regarding letting technology walk into their classroom valid?
  3. Do you think the benefits are enough for educators to break down the doors of their classroom, and allow technology to swoop in?

Get your voice out there on this debate: join the conversation and join the movement to incorporate technology into the classroom.